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  1. 4P Ported D16 Oil Pump

    The stock oil pump is a great piece for up to 7,000 rpm. Past that, there can be cavitation issues and oil pressure drops as temperatures rise. Our ported pump increases flow by 25% and will allow continuous use above 9,000 rpm. We start with a brand new OEM oil pump from Honda, disassemble, port and smooth oil passages to increase flow. The pumps are then cleaned, oiled, reassembled and repackaged. This part is cheap insurance to protect your multi-thousand dollar investment. Learn More

  2. 4P Lean Mount Drag Race Oil Pan K20/K24

    The 4P Lean Mount oil pan is specifically designed to provide superior oiling during hard acceleration on the drag strip, and hard decel during braking and parachute pulls. The pan allows for 7 quarts of oil to be run so that you ALWAYS have sufficient oil at the pickup, yet it is far enough away from the crank that you do not suffer windage loss. This uses the stock windage tray, and also has its own windage separation for more power. The pan features anti-slosh baffles and a trap door to keep oil at the pickup of your 4P Ported K20/K24 Oil Pump. It also comes wtih an oil drain back port for supercharged or turbo applications, and includes a magnetic drain plug. The pan is angled and designed to be used with Hasport Lean or Myers Competition Lean engine mounts. Can also be used with conventional mounts if you want to plan ahead for the future. This pan is designed to be used with the 4P Ported K20/K24 Oil Pump. Learn More

  3. Moroso 7.5 qt K-Series Oil Pan K20/K24

    The Moroso oil pan is our best offering for keeping your engine healthy with a constant supply of oil pressure under G forces from all directions. This pan is meant to be used with the 4P Ported K20/K24 Oil Pump, and features trap door assemblies and anti-slosh baffles to keep oil at the pickup. It also comes with an oil drain back for supercharged and turbo applications, and includes a magnetic drain plug. Allows for 2 extra quarts of oil This pan is designed for standard engine mount configuration. This will not work in an RSX chassis, as it will hit the subframe. Learn More

  4. Saenz 4340 Performance Series Connecting Rods

    Saenz rods are polished and shot-peened before final dimensional finishing of the overall thickness and bore sizing. Polishing relieves stresses incurred on the material from the machining process and shot-peening creates an external hardened layer that enhances the rods overall performance. These processes also increase the rods useful life and can be used as an indicator of excessive stresses on the rods after being used. We recommend these rods for use up to 800hp forced induction, and are also very good rods for your naturally aspirated endurance engine. Learn More



  5. Saenz S-Series Connecting Rods

    Saenz S-Series Connecting Rods are made from 100% USA steel of the best quality. The S-Series rods are the perfect combination of performance and affordability. As with all Saenz rods, these undergo a rigorous quality inspection process and offer the best quality machine work. Learn More



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  6. 4P 2.0L K20C1 Race Engine

    The 4 Piston Racing K20C1 Crate Engine is designed to be a more durable and more powerful engine than the OEM K20C1. The OEM connecting rods are strained with increased torque loads and bend easily with the power that is able to be produced by the stock turbo and fuel system. Our engine replaces those with a forged Saenz I-beam connecting rod that is 100 grams lighter than stock, yet can handle more than double the torque and horsepower. The OEM piston is replaced with a heavy duty forged Wiseco piston with tool steel wrist pin. It has a thicker top, thicker pin boss area, and much stronger ring lands, which have been prone to breakage in road race engines. Compression is left close to OEM for easy tuning on pump gas. ACL race bearings are used, and engine clearances are setup for use with racing oils made to operate in high heat strenuous track conditions. The engine can also be daily driven, and expect it to be more durable than the OEM engine. The engine uses a 4P CNC ported cylinder head, offering up to 130 CFM gained over the OEM tumble port design. The exhaust is ported in the short turn, bowl area, and at the exhaust outlet for increased flow, but left thick in areas where water is near the port to avoid cracking with high exhaust temperatures. Horsepower gains are seen on the stock turbo, but REALLY come to life when using a larger turbo. The exhaust relieves backpressure that you will find once larger turbos are pushed hard for high horsepower. We install Ferrea Competition Plus valves for the high exhaust temperatures. A normal stainless steel valve will begin to distort and bend with high exhaust temperatures, and when they cool they will stay bent. A Ferrea Comp Plus valve has memory....it takes more heat to distort them, but they will also return to their original shape as they cool. High temp Viton valve seals are used throughout, and valve motion is controlled by Ferrea PAC valve springs with Titanium retainers. This eliminated valve float beyond 7000 rpm that exists in the OEM valvetrain. Valve motion is controlled beyond 9000 rpm, and larger camshafts are able to be used with these springs IF you have the fuel system and turbo to support such RPM. Learn More

  7. JE K20C1 Type R HD Forged Piston

    Introducing the first available forged aftermarket piston for your K20C1 and FK8 Civic Type R. 4 Piston Racing has worked with JE Engineers to develop this heavy duty forged piston to withstand more abuse in street and racing applications. This is an 86mm piston that will install into the factory block. It features a thicker top, thick wall tool steel wrist pin, a thicker pin boss area for added strength, and a highly specialized Total Seal ring for this application. Larger bore sizes for sleeved blocks are available, but will take up to 5 weeks to build. Email Luke@team4piston for International Orders Learn More

  8. 4P K20C1 Type R Forged Connecting Rod

    4P Forged 4340 I-Beam Connecting rods are the first available for your FK8 Civic Type R or K20C1 engine. These ultra strong I-beam rods are held to the highest quality standards and feature smooth finish areas to stress points for additional strength. They are not only strong, they are lightweight at 489 grams to relieve stress from the OEM crankshaft and allow additional RPM. These rods are designed to be used up to 800hp. Pair these with our JE piston for a 9.9:1 bulletproof setup. Learn More

  9. K20C1 Type R Short Block

    The 4 Piston Racing K20C1 short block is the first available built engine for the Civic Type R and K20C based turbo Accord.  The Type R is capable of producing massive torque at low rpm that destroys the OEM connecting rod.  Race teams are pulling the torque values back in order to keep from bending and breaking their connecting rods.  The 4 Piston Racing block features a very strong forged I-beam connecting rod and custom full round JE forged piston with thick top, heavy duty skirt, thicker pin boss area, and heavy duty tool steel wrist pin.

    You are able to send your shortblock in to be built, or you can choose our brand new OEM engine core as an option. Pair this with our K20C1 Ported Cylinder Head and 4P Super Alloy valve and spring kit for higher rpm operation.


    Due to our backlog, current lead time is 8 weeks.  We have engines going together for SHELF STOCK, but are a few weeks from being able to deliver those.

    Learn More

  10. K24-KT1000 2.4L Complete Engine - Turbo Endurance Engine

    The 4 Piston Racing K24-KT1000 Crate Engine is specifically designed for high horsepower turbocharged street and endurance race cars ranging from 500hp to 1000hp+ . This engine is meticulously assembled with the best components to ensure that you can put a beating on it without worrying about component failure. This engine features a purpose built CNC cylinder head with a valve job that is designed to withstand abuse, matched up with a tool steel billet turbo cam that offers a broad powerband and high rpm capability. You will notice this engine is more responsive on gear changes allowing you to stay in the meat of the powerband. Learn More

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