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  1. 4 Piston B-Series Adjustable Cam Gears

    4 Piston B-Series Cam Gears are made from 6061 billet aluminum and hard anodized for a durable finish.  Cam degree marks are clearly marked for easy cam degreeing.

    PRICE IS PER GEAR.  Select Pair if you need both Intake and Exhaust


    Email Luke@team4piston.com for international shipping and inquiries.


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  2. 4P Thermal Gasket

    4P Thermal Gaskets are cut to match our CNC Ported heads. These thermal gaskets reduce heat transfer from the cylinder head to the intake manifold. They are durable and can be cleaned and reused over and over. They will not shrink, warp, or melt at temperatures up to 500 degrees.

    • Port shapes precut to match 4P CNC Cylinder Heads
    • Reduced heat transfer from head to induction
    • Reusable


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  3. 4 Piston 7 Degree Valve Lock Kit

    These are the same valve locks we use in our race car. Learn More

  4. 4 Piston Cam Seal (B and H Series)

    The 4 Piston Cam Seal is one of those finishing touches that sets your project apart from the masses. This piece is CNC machined from high-quality 6061 billet aluminum and then hard anodized for a durable finish. The 4P logo is then CNC machined into the seal. The seal comes with 3 o-rings pre-installed for a great seal and precise fit. Like all 4P manufactured products, these are 100% MADE IN THE USA Fits Honda B-Series, H-Series, and DOHC D-Series Learn More

  5. L19 Extreme Duty Head Studs

    L19 Extreme Duty Head Studs for high boost applications. Learn More

  6. Viton Valve Seals

    High Temperature Viton valve seals Learn More

  7. ARP Head Studs

    It is for good reason that virtually every top professional engine builder relies on ARP Pro Series head studs for their all out competition power plants. Simply stated, there's not a better stud setup on the market today. Learn More

  8. Ferrea Roller Rocker Arms

    The Ferrea Roller Rocker arms not only reduce friction and valvetrain weight, they allow you to run a more aggressive camshaft lobe that would not be possible on a flat tappet rocker pad. Learn More

  9. Ferrea Valve Lock Kit

    Ferrea 7 degree Honda keepers are precision machined and extra beefy for a better fit. Learn More

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