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  1. 4 Piston Racing PSI Pro Stock Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit

    We are proud to offer the highest quality, longest lasting valve springs for your K-Series and S2000 engine...Period. Valve control is one of the most important parts of making power and promoting long engine life. Too often springs are pushed beyond their functional limits and valves bounce out of control. We put these kits together after extensive testing and these are a must if you are racing competitvely, turning high rpm, and running large camshafts. You can spend the money now and have a good spring that maintains valve control and lasts several race seasons, or buy cheap now and replace them a couple times a year...along with the other damage caused by out of control valves. We can also machine the seats to fine tune a pressure setting to suit your specific setup. 4PR-SPR-1001K - Pro Stock Race Spring We developed this single spring kit starting with a PSI Pro Stock single spring with Max Life Treatment and our own custom seat and retainer. This is a lightweight package with plenty of room to run large camshafts beyond .650 lift. 120lbs on the seat, 320lbs @ .600. Package comes with springs, spring seats, and titanium retainers. These have been proven year after year and have a VERY long service life, 20 times that of the cheaper alternatives on the market. Excellent protection against floating valves in the event of a missed gear. Max RPM 11,000+. These springs have PROVEN 6-10hp gains in high rpm ranges over most springs available on the market. You will find these 4P valve springs in more than 80% of the top all motor and turbo class cars....even under the valve covers of our competition. MADE WITH PRIDE IN THE USA!! Fits K-Series and S2000 Learn More

  2. 4 Piston 7 Degree Valve Lock Kit

    These are the same valve locks we use in our race car. Learn More

  3. Viton Valve Seals

    High Temperature Viton valve seals Learn More

  4. Ferrea Valve Lock Kit

    Ferrea 7 degree Honda keepers are precision machined and extra beefy for a better fit. Learn More

  5. 4P Pro S2K CNC Head

    Honda F20C, F22C S2000 CNC Ported Cylinder Heads Learn More

  6. 4P Purple K-Series Ferrea Roller Rocker Arms

    Ferrea Roller Rocker arms not only reduce friction and valvetrain weight, they allow you to run a more aggressive camshafts. These rockers are 50% less mass than a an OEM steel Honda rocker arm. These rockers eliminate VTEC and allow you to run an aggressive "VTEC Killer" camshaft, and you also can run a 3 lobe traditional camshaft, but it will only use the center VTEC cam lobe. The weight savings will show up in increased horsepower at high rpm and the engine will hold and carry that power longer past peak. The purple RR8000 4 Piston rockers is exclusively available through 4 Piston Racing. It features struts for improved rigidity and high quality lash adjusters that last longer than other brands. This rocker is essential if you are wanting to run camshafts over .600" lift. Learn More

  7. ARP Head Studs

    It is for good reason that virtually every top professional engine builder relies on ARP Pro Series head studs for their all out competition power plants. Simply stated, there's not a better stud setup on the market today. Learn More

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