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  1. 4 Piston Valve Spring Height Micrometer

    The 4P valve spring micrometer is used between the seat base in the head and the retainer to get a quick and accurate measurement of your valve spring installed height. This tool is sized so that it can be used in a variety of applications including the tight constraints of Honda B, H, and K series engines, as well as most overhead cam engines. These high quality tools have a fine thread pitch for great accuracy and are easy to use with convenient gripping surfaces. Measures 1.300" to 1.700" Universal Application Available in Black or Purple. MADE IN THE USA Learn More

  2. 4 Piston Valve Seal Installation Tool

    The 4P valve seal installation tool allows simple and precise installation of your valve seals without tearing or damaging the seal. You press them into place by hand and then lightly tap with a rubberized hammer. Available in BLACK and PURPLE MADE IN THE USA Learn More

  3. 4 Piston Deck Bridge Tool

    The 4P Deck Bridge Tool allows you to check your piston to deck height so that you can accurately record this information. This helps you choose the proper head gasket thickness and set your desired piston to head clearance. Unlike other universal bridges on the market, our deck bridge is sized specifically for smaller bore diameter engines. Ideal for 75mm to 95mm bore. This is made to be used with 2 gauges for a true accurate measurement. Available bare or with two gauge configurations. The econo gauge is sufficient for this measurement and works well. MADE IN THE USA Learn More

  4. 4 Piston Tool Pack - All 4

    4 Piston Tool Pack

    1 - Deck Bridge

    1 - Valve Spring Micrometer

    1 - Valve Seal Installation Tool

    1 - Ring Squaring Tool

    1 - FREE Ferrea Retainer Degree Gauge with 4 Piston Logo



    Learn More

  5. 4 Piston Ring Squaring Tool

    The 4P piston ring squaring tool is a quick and easy way to square your rings in the bore prior to setting end gaps. It is easily adjustable from 2.000” to 5.000” and will clear head studs. This places rings 1.000” below the deck to get past head bolt distortion. No extra tools required Change bore sizes in seconds. Available in BLACK and PURPLE MADE IN THE USA Learn More

  6. Vein Honda/Acura Engine Stand

    Engine Stand Kit Includes: 3" Hard rubber locking wheels Removable Stand Legs with Locking Hardware (4) lock washers and bolts for wheel mounting (4) OEM style bolts for engine mounting Grey Vein Powder coating for added Durability Total Weight 14.8 lb Our #1 selling engine stand to date! This particular K-Series engine stand was designed to accommodate a chassis utilizing Lean engine mounts. (Meyers, Hasport, Hybrid, Prayonto.) This stand rocks the engine forward to the same degree it sits in the chassis using the mentioned mounts. This aspect of the stand allows for you to roll the cart into your engine bay and bolt directly up to mounts. Or in the case of removing your engine, simply attach the stand to your engine and unbolt directly onto it also. Another key purpose of the stand is that you can mount your flywheel, clutch, and transmission while mounted on the stand. This gives you a completely mobile swap to maneuver around. You can also complete simple tasks such as accessory swaps or installations, cleaning, even assembling your top end if necessary while mounted on the stand. Storing and transporting, even shipping with our engine stands also works great! Learn More

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